About Fair Play Interactive


Evolution of technologies and habits. Multiplication of screens. Dematerialization of contents. Nomadism. « On demand ». Everyday, an increasing number of consumers aim at a « whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, the way I want it » attitude.

Fair Play Interactive, developed the Younicast® IPTV platform, a disruptive innovation without disrupting consumers TV habits.

Fair Play Interactive creates the IPTV platform and tools allowing the emergence of  innovative TV channels freed from all schedule constraints, 100% personalized and interactive, via a unicast IPTV transmission, while the customers can keep up their natural semi-passive use of the TV medium and a high listening capacity.

« User centric », the medium adapts itself to the customer, and not the other way round.

With Younicast® IPTV channels, TV viewers are zapping inside the TV channel rather than channel-hoping between TV channels. 



Winner of the ITV Awards 2009

“Innovation and Technology”


Proudly Finalist

@ startup competition